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October 24, 2013

I Think I Almost Killed a Horse

Last week, we went apple picking. While we waited for our friends to arrive at the farm, Jacob, Henry, and I hung out by a large pen of animals you could feed. There were sheep, donkeys, and a horse.


It took Jacob a little while to warm up to them (city boy), but eventually he wanted to feed a sheep. I turned the stroller so that Henry could see the animals, rather than the parking lot, and gave Jacob a baby carrot from our lunch. As I was fiddling with something in our bag, something almost unbelievable happened.


The lone horse reached his head over the fence, into the stroller, and took a ring of plastic keys right out of Henry’s hand. Keep in mind, this horse’s head was about the same size as Henry. Henry, through all of this, didn’t make a peep.


The horse stood back up and proceeded to chew the toy. My first thought was, “I just killed that horse.” I wasn’t about to reach my hand into his mouth to retrieve the toy, though I kind of thought I had to, for the good of the horse. Thank goodness another mom, more adept at the fingerswipe than I, took the toy away in one easy swoop.


And that is how I learned that one mom should not take two small children to a farm by herself.


  1. Kristin says:

    Poor Henry looks so mad that the horse stole his toy!
    *apple picking motion*

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