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September 17, 2018

Update and Heads Up


My book has officially launched into the world, and it’s as wonderful, strange, and delightful as I’d imagined!


I’ve gotten only positive reviews (5 stars on Amazon!) and emails, telling me that the book touched my readers’ hearts, which is such a gift. I’ve also spent too much time with my phone in my face, scrutinizing stats and wondering which publicity is most effective to share my book with people who will want to read it. Some days are a roller coaster—this is great! could I do more? hooray!—but at the end of each one, I am so, so grateful that this dream has come true.


Don’t have your copy yet? Order it here in paperback or for Kindle.


Since the book launched, I’ve been on a number of radio shows, and I’m recording interviews on two podcasts over the next week. Something I didn’t expect was how many opportunities I’d have to talk with people who come at the book from different perspectives: fathers, grandmas, grandpas, Catholics, Protestants, “nones,” folks I know, and total strangers. The book says “” on the front of it, but it’s opened up a conversation that’s allowing connection and communion among a broader demographic. Very cool.


If you’re interested in listening in on my next appearance or want to tune into a recording of a past interview, check out my Events page, here, for links.


Heads Up:

On Wednesday I’m launching a giveaway on Instagram that I am so, so excited about. I’ve teamed up with a bunch of artists I truly admire and I can’t wait to share them. Follow me @lindsayschlegs for the details.


What’s next?

I have a couple of speaking gigs coming up, and I’m still working on writing projects large and small. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter to see what I’m up to.


Thank YOU for reading! God bless you!


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