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Trimester Two, I Love You

During my first pregnancy, I began a trilogy of poems dedicated to each trimester. In other words, I wrote one for the first, but didn’t get to the second or the third. I intended to write acrostics for each, but now my creativity is steering me elsewhere. Today marks the start of the second trimester […]

June 27, 2012

Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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The First Trimester: A Poem

Every day, coworkers, friends via email or text message, my family on the phone, and definitely John ask how I’m feeling.  It’s a much heartier question now than the simple, “How are you?” that is just being polite.  And that’s been an unexpected blessing because I know that people really care about the Peanut and […]

May 22, 2010

Parenthood, Young Married Mom

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