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June 27, 2012

Trimester Two, I Love You

During my first pregnancy, I began a trilogy of poems dedicated to each trimester. In other words, I wrote one for the first, but didn’t get to the second or the third.

I intended to write acrostics for each, but now my creativity is steering me elsewhere. Today marks the start of the second trimester with this new Little One. To celebrate, here’s

Trimester Two, I Love You


Three months of feeling hungry but fat,
Plus three days of headaches,
Now I’m done with all that.
Trimester two, I love you.

I no longer require a daily nap.
I can enjoy yummy lunches,
Knit and read Picoult, back to back.
Trimester two, I love you.

My clothing seems a size too big,
But Little One will help me out,
Though now s/he is barely larger than a fig.
Trimester two, I love you.

Please, emotions, take a backseat;
Let physical changes find center stage.
So when John is done with dinner, I can still eat.
Trimester two, I love you.

Now comes the end of sleeping on my belly,
But I have loads of energy,
And no longer feel like a bowl full of jelly.
Trimester two, I love you.

Trimester two, you are so dear to me.
You make pregnancy seem like fun.
I feel human again, alive, free!
Trimester two, I love you.


*     *     *

To refresh your memory—or to share something new—here’s my take on the first three months of pregnancy:

Full of joy and anticipation, I’m
ntrigued by the many ways my body’s about to change.  But I
eally need those seven hours of sleep now
o that I’m not totally exhausted every morning when I
rade a glass of juice for a can of ginger ale with the bubbles stirred out.

Trying to make my way to lunch, although I don’t want to eat, I’m still
eeling from waking up from another crazy dream.
’m stressed about the sick days I’m allotted at work and all John and I have to figure out in the next few months.
eanwhile my head aches, and I’m wondering if there’s an
xtra grace for a pregnant lady who gives up chocolate for Lent.  I feel like a
py with an undercover secret at work,
hough I’ll learn later that most people have already caught on.
xcuses keep me from the prayers I need to say to sort all this out.  I’m
eady for my belly to start growing, for more people to know, for the next phase to start.  I hear it’s much more pleasant.

  1. If I were to write a poem, I would write it about the day I go into labor… because I’m finally not pregnant anymore! =) Love your 2nd trimester poem!

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