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A Good Kind of Tired

I remember being pregnant with Jacob, waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and knowing that in a few hours I’d wake up from a totally bizarre dream, with no choice but to prepare for the day. I wondered how in the world mothers did this when they had […]

January 16, 2012

Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Young Married Mom

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Daylight Savings Time Is My New Nemesis

To be fair, I didn’t have a nemesis before. But I certainly do now. Monday of this week (the week after “falling back” an hour, due to daylight savings time), I put Jacob down for a nap at about 4:15. He chattered in his crib for a while and finally fell asleep at five o’clock. […]

November 11, 2011

Modern Perspectives, Parenthood, Young Married Mom

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When Everybody Wins, Everybody Loses (Sleep)

The decline in posting last week was due, in part, to the pending URL switch (which is becoming even more troublesome than it seemed at first glance). The other, more considerable factor was a heavy case of pre-travel anxiety.   Whether the trip is into Manhattan for an afternoon or across the country for a […]

October 31, 2011

Modern Perspectives, Motherhood, Parenthood, Young Married Mom

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