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March 27, 2012

Kisses Mean I Love You

When Jacob was really little,


I sometimes told him that, “kisses mean I love you.” I’m not sure why I felt kisses needed to be explained—or that he would be able to process my explanation—but there it is.


Now Jacob has just learned to give kisses. He’ll often give one when asked, but sometimes he decides on his own when he wants to give a kiss. Being the recipient of a baby Jacob kiss is something very special. Or is it?


Last week, I asked Jacob for a kiss as we were getting ready to head out in the morning. He obliged and I was reveling in mommy-baby love when I reached to pull my jacket out of the open closet.


“Kisses mean I love you, right?” I asked Jacob.


He nodded at me with a big smile, and then stepped up to the closet and . . .


kissed the vacuum.


To his point, it is one heck of a vacuum.

  1. Lizzy says:

    I too enjoy a good clean floor! Thanks to you and Jacob for making me smile with this post!

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