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March 28, 2012

On Why My Son Negates the Need for a Smartphone

Though John and I are often tempted to trade in our only-phone-call-and-text-message-ready cell phones for something like iPhones, time and again we resist. For one thing, we don’t want to work two data plans into our budget. For another, I know I get distracted easily enough; I don’t need something else to take me out of the present, especially with a young child around all the time.


Really, though, caring for that particular child means that I always have substitutes for a bunch of popular apps close at hand.


Except on rare occasions, Jacob is my daily alarm clock. He not only wakes up and goes to bed at fairly consistent times every day, but he also knows when it’s time to go to church in the mornings. A little before nine, he’ll want to put his shoes on and start pointing at the door. Sundays, when we go to Mass half an hour later, are thus rather confusing. On days following special occasions—a trip to New Jersey, an afternoon visit that extended into the evening—I sometimes try to get Jacob to wait a little longer for his nap. Instead of turning the lights down and the music off, I’ll keep going about my business. The most I’ve gotten out of this is fifteen minutes. By then, he’s signing for sleep, lights turned off, and his room.


When we plan longer car trips, we try to schedule them around Jacob’s sleep schedule. Somehow, no matter how long the trip ends up taking, he can sleep through all kinds of traffic and stoplights until we pull into either my parents’ driveway or a particular intersection just off the highway in Brooklyn. I’m sure he has an internal GPS. I’m also convinced that he wanted to tell me I’d made a wrong turn in Manhattan on a cold, rainy night when he was two months old. I’m sure if he could have spoken, we wouldn’t have wandered around SoHo that long.


Finally, we may not have angry birds in our home, but we do have a new game I call “Bunny Attack.” You might remember that a study done on Jacob’s stuffed animal population revealed a large percentage of bunnies. Since Easter’s on its way (hooray!), I brought out the rabbits last weekend. Something inspired me to tickle Jacob with them while calling out, “Bunny attack! Bunny attack!” It stuck. The next morning, he walked over to the bunnies and signed, “Again! again!” Today he’s started to try to attack himself with the bunnies. When that doesn’t work, he sits on them. Jacob attack?


(I know I used this photo the other day, but it’s my new favorite.)

  1. ceciliamaria says:

    Lucky! I’m sometimes tempted to get a smartphone, too… Alas, I have resisted as well. Too bad I don’t have a Jacob to stand in for apps. I guess I’ll have to make do with my standard phone, which has an alarm clock (thank heaven!). I can live without GPS since my super power is a heightened sense of direction (a blessing and a curse), but sometimes I feel the lack of games/entertainment… I would ask to borrow Jacob, but I don’t think he’d fit in my purse as well as a book… 🙂

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