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June 28, 2012

The Month of John, 2012

June is my favorite month of the year. Not only is it usually vacation month for our family, but we get to celebrate Father’s Day and John’s birthday, often inside of a week. I love reasons to celebrate John–to make enormous ice cream cakes and justify eating things like burgers, steak, and seared tuna (though my portion was cooked thoroughly this time) one night after the other.


To celebrate Father’s Day, we took a trip to Coney Island. It’s incredibly easy to get to from our apartment, and we were surprised to find it wasn’t very crowded on a Sunday afternoon.


Easy transit + Nathan’s hot dogs + a jungle gym + the ocean + ice cream = a fabulous day of celebrating our family and the special guy who means so much to us.


I just reread my first “Month of John” post from two years ago. The second half of it is still something I often think about and am grateful for, especially now that I’ve seen John in action as a father:

I realized it’s not that John knows how to do things, but that he is willing to learn how to do things.  He’ll watch something, think it through, ask questions and listen to the answers, consider his approach, and then, both more carefully and more boldly than I, will try something new.

I realize this is a trait I’ve had the unique opportunity to learn from him, and I believe it’s something that will give our children an amazing perspective on life.  I’m sure that he will be a fantastic example of kindness, charity, and faith, as well.  But this ability to think something through was one I hadn’t explicitly considered before. I think this is missing in a lot of our world; it’s something I know I need to work on!  But in the meantime, as the Month of John has officially drawn to a close, I come away with a renewed gratitude for the example he sets for me and for those around him, and most of all, for our Peanut.

If you are married, dating, or have a friend who needs a boost, I hope you’ll tell your special person that there’s something wonderful you see and admire in them today. Maybe it’s something that has wowed you from day one; maybe it’s something that you’ve just been able to put your finger on.


Either way, today is as good a day as any to count our blessings. As the Month of John draws to a close yet again, I am certainly counting mine.

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