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July 16, 2012

Dear Little One III

Dear Little One,


I know it’s soon, but it seems that, as early as fourteen weeks, I have been feeling you kick. Part of me is thrilled to have some tangible proof of you. Part of me wonders if 1) I’m imagining things or 2) something is wrong. But then, I think something is wrong at just about every turn with this pregnancy, until I’m able to talk myself out of it.


The first time I was sure I felt you was while your daddy and I were saying a rosary. In the middle of my portion of a “Hail Mary,” I involuntary let out a “ow!” If that really is you kicking in there, man, are you powerful. Then, I don’t really remember Jacob’s kicks increasing in intensity too much; once they were there, they were there. The thing is, I checked out the average development at your gestational age, and you’ve only just started to grow skin and be able to make a fist. In your last ultrasound, your legs did look like bunny feet, so maybe there’s something there. I kind of hope not.


The other explanation for the strength of your kicks is that you have recognized Jacob has little to no respect for the delicacy of my belly. There is a lot of bouncing and fidgeting, especially when he’s ready for sleep, but hasn’t admitted it yet. I’m sorry about that. Trust me, I’m not enjoying it a whole lot either.


I like the idea that you are already making yourself known. Your dad and I know that each of our children is/will be his or her own person, and we can’t wait to see what that means for you. We’ll see the doctor later this week to get an update on our status. I can’t wait to hear your heartbeat again. It gives me hope. You, my little one, give me hope.


Thanks for the signal that you’re doing all right. If you could try to steer away from organs like my kidneys and bladder, I’d be very grateful.


With all my love,

  1. Zoe Square says:

    Just found your blog via your comment on another blog and so glad I did! Your letter to your little one is beautiful and I think I may now have to hire you to write one to mine. LOL! He was due today but doesn’t seem to agree with this date. Take care and God bless you newest little one.

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