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If anyone besides my mom gets the Beach Boys reference in the title of this post, could you please leave a note in the comments, so I know I’m not crazy?


And if you didn’t get the reference, then you need to get to iTunes/a record store (do they still have those?)/YouTube pretty immediately. Like after you read this post. It’s Friday. It’s the summer. You need the Beach Boys in your life.


All of that, and this isn’t really all about pet sounds, but it is about animal sounds. Jacob’s mastered some good ones—and some that aren’t animals at all. I remember wondering what his voice would sound like, when I was in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with him. Now I have videographic proof that it’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.


Aside: When I was about his age, thanks to my older brother, I only knew the sound a werewolf made. Seriously.


And an outtake:

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