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September 12, 2012

A Trio of Good News


Yesterday I had a routine doctor’s appointment. To get those who may have missed it up to speed, most of the monthly visits with this pregnancy have been difficult for me, since I learned we lost Ethan at a routine ultrasound. My nerves only began to settle at twelve weeks—once I knew this baby was living longer than Ethan did. (Now we’re at twenty-five weeks!)


Anyway, on to the good news.


  1. Everything is great with this pregnancy thus far! The doctor was delighted when I said Henry’s kicks are more painful than Jacob’s were. Apparently, that means things are gong just fine.
  2. At every leg of my subway journey to the Upper East Side, someone offered to help me with Jacob, who was in the stroller. Hooray! I look pregnant enough to need help/people are paying attention to those around them!
  3. I didn’t freak out for a full week before this appointment. I didn’t freak out at all, really. I’ve seen this baby so many times; I know that he is, indeed, a boy; and I feel his nocturnal parties every night to reassure me. I truly do believe that we will have another mouth to feed, a heart to form, a boy to love come January.


Can I get an “Amen!”?

  1. ceciliamaria says:

    AMEN!!!! (Or Ahhhhh-men! if you prefer the intoned variation.) 😉

  2. Meghan Butler says:

    A joyful AMEN, indeed!

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