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September 14, 2012

Two Years Later

Two years ago today I had my last day in the office at Simon & Schuster. At the time, only one friend knew that I wasn’t going to come back after my maternity leave. Pregnancy prepared me for the next stage of motherhood in a lot of ways, and I had plenty of time to know that the decision was the best one for my family and me. Still, the right decision isn’t always an easy one. When I thought of what was ahead of me, I could see only a blur: hopefully I’d keep up with my blog, start a freelance business, and most importantly, keep the child alive, but only time would tell.

Two years later, I see that all of that and more happened, and not because of something I did. Rather, because of this:


“For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life. . . . Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? . . . [S]eek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6: 25, 28-31, 33)


Jacob’s birthday is a week from today, but because of a couple of weddings, we’re celebrating it this weekend. Last year, I was all crazy about how nuts it was that he was a year old. We threw a big party because I wanted the celebration to reflect how excited I was for it. A whole year old! As Jacob would say now, “Wow!”

This year, we are keeping things low-key: bacon-wrapped hot dogs, a football game, and a banana bread train “cake.” It’s not that this milestone isn’t significant, but to be honest, we’ve been saying he’s two for about a month and a half now. We’ve settled into life as a family. Though there are still ups and downs, every day is its own kind of celebration. Just not the kind that justifies bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

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