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October 28, 2012

Sandy, Is It?

Does anyone else find it amusing that this hurricane, which is projected to yield something like a 500-mile range of destruction, is dubbed with a name that is more often a nickname than a given name? I have no doubt that there are lovely people whose names are simply “Sandy.” But more often the Sandys of the world are “Sandra” in a formal context. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with calling a storm that will likely ravage the eastern coast something so casual.


On the other hand, thinking about the name “Sandra” has gotten “Sandra Dee” from Grease stuck in my head. Apparently I can’t take that name very seriously, either. Sandy it is, then.


We’ve got water bottles, canned food, candles, matches, and a flashlight that doesn’t require batteries. I’ve showered, so I don’t have to worry about water, hot or otherwise. My cell phone is plugged in to charge until the power goes out, if it indeed does. The subway system is suspended, without a definite idea of when service will resume. (Family snuggle day tomorrow!) I just changed into sweatpants, and I’m hoping I can stay in them for the next 72 hours or so. Considering we don’t have a boat to tie down, we’re about as ready for Frankenstorm as we’re going to be.


Stay safe, reader friends! Prayers for you tonight and this week!

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